McLooney Tunes

 Music and Multimedia Production

When people book time in recording studios they are only paying for the technical aspects of recording, and that doesn't include getting help in all of the various elements of making a record. When you come to our studio, the RudeLab, you not only get the best recording possible, but get the benefit of our producing and arranging skills.


Working at McLooney Tunes is more than just walking into a recording studio. It's about achieving your musical vision, and “bringing it home”, all the way through CD Mastering or Multimedia presentation.


We're here to help you make your music.


By Appointment only

Music Production and Recording

We tend to work in one of two ways:

a) record a whole band, or

b) record a singer-songwriter.


Either way we try to direct the artist to perform the song at the best tempo and in the best key for the singer. Good decisions at this crucial point mean less time spent in production and editing (or correcting). A good sense of tempo is best.


Recording a whole band is fairly straightforward, since they will usually have rehearsed and have some kind of overall band sound or concept. Get the freshest takes, edit them together, and start the overdubs.


Recording a singer-songwriter is usually a more developmental approach. We'd either receive your basic tracks via internet, or record them here. We'd prefer that they are done to a click track (or loop) to keep that tempo steady. This reduces the editing time substantially.


We can talk through what instrumentation to use, provide additional help or create the whole track for you. We can also add overdubs from a pool of high quality session players from Los Angeles that we have worked with. We can add pro horn and string arrangements, and all manner of exotic world beat sounds. We've done "beats" for hip-hop artists, as well.

The RudeLab Recording Gear

We use a custom PC DAW, that I built and maintain. Knowing our computers inside and out means no downtime.



Intel i7 4.0Ghz Quad CPU, 32Gb RAM, dual 22" Samsung monitors, SSD OS HD, WD 10k VelociRaptor recording drive,

3x WD 10k VelociRaptor drives for sample libraries.



UAD Apollo, UAD-2 OCTO DSP Accelerator Card w/many plugins, JBL 4308 monitors w/sub, Tannoy Reveals, Auratone 5C's.



Steinberg Nuendo 6, Cubase Pro 8.5 and WaveLab Pro 9, Sound Forge 10, etc.



Rode "Classic" Tube, AEA R84 Ribbon w/preamp, Shure SM-81 (2), Rode NT-1A Matched Pair, Sennheiser 441 (2), Shure SM-57 (4), Sennheiser MD604-D drum mics (4), Electrovoice N/D868 kick mic.



Avalon U5 DI, Countryman, "Fat Box" custom DI.

Music for Commercials

Music for Commercials


McLooney Tunes was formed in 1984 by Tom Moncrieff and Annie McLoone in Los Angeles to make original music for national television and radio commercials.


Since then, we have written, played and produced CLIO award winning tracks for Kool Cigarettes and Opium Perfume. We also created an orchestral track for InterGold Jewelry that won the Gold Award from the New York Film and Television Festival.


We are now located in on the banks of the Mississippi in Winona, Minnesota.


Looking for a hook? McLooney Tunes offers creative, fun and memorable music for your advertising needs.


We have worked for:

Bacardi Rum

Bridgestone Tires

Clairol Seabreeze


Cutex Lipstick

Kawasaki Motorcycles

Kawasaki Jet Skis

Hanes-Isotoner Pantyhose

InterGold Jewelry

Kool Cigarettes

Le Tigre Sportswear

Martini & Rossi

Opium Perfume

Phillip Morris



CD Mastering and DVD Authoring

CD Mastering:


We offer full service digital editing for your CD masters, with or without processing. We can optimize your masters for reproduction using some of the latest software available.


If your audio tapes or digital masters need any type of clean-up (ie. noise reduction, click removal, etc.), we have the tools and, most importantly, the ears to bring it home. We will also make sure you have the hottest levels possible in the digital domain.


DVD Authoring:


We can edit, clean up and author your video material for DVD. Audio enhancement is also available.

Disc Duplication

CD and DVD Duplication:


We can make short run copies of your music master. We can print your graphics on the CD in color (ink-jet) or design a label for you. We can give them to you on a spindle, or provide a variety of packages with printed paper.


We can do a full CD Graphics package. We can also assist you with larger disc orders with another manufacturer and provide graphics pre-press.


Music and Video Archiving

Music Archiving:


Old tapes wear out, break and lose their fidelity with age. We will create a custom-made CD from your album or tape using professional computer hardware and software, and burn it onto a high quality disc suitable for music. If it requires additional cleanup (i.e. hiss, scratches, pops and clicks, excessive surface noise, etc.), we can do that as well.


Video Capture & Archiving:


We can edit, clean up and author your video material for DVD. Audio enhancement is also available.